26August 2016

Android Nougat already is outside the beta

Google announced in March of this year the new version of its operating system Android called Nougat (Nougat).
Nougat already is outside beta and available for the devices of Google Nexus (Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player), tablet Pixel C and others.
If you have one of those devices (it does not concern if the one that was enrolled in the beta or not), you would have to see an indication of update rather soon. The first new telephone that will come with Android settled Nougat is the LG V20, that would have to arrive at the beginning of September.
He is possible to remember that a spokesman of Google suggested this will be a slow launching, reason why the users of Samsung telephones could forget to have this new version of the operating system.
We have seen some demonstrations of the beta in 6P Nexus and Pixel C during the last months. Whereas Google says Nougat introduces around 250 new new characteristics, it is probable that only DES tells of very few the first time you that you ignite the telephone after the update.
The change most important is:

• Some applications can be used directly from the bar of notifications.
• Redesign of widget of Quick Settings.
• The ability to change your last app used twice touching the button of change of applications.
• Split screen for all the applications.
• Way of saving of Internet data.

As it is to hope, if you do not have a telephone or tablet Nexus, is probable that you do not see an update of Nougat soon. Even nowadays, only the 15 percent of the Android devices executes Android 6,0 Marshmellow. Android 4,4 KitKat, the most popular version of Android with little less than 30 percent of the users, is nowadays a slow version by three generations.