How to choose a Hosting?

With respect to services of hosting there are hundreds of options in the market and not always he is fá cil to distinguish the serious companies that offer services of excellence. Existing many tie aspects to the election of plans hosting of quality, every time má s important when your dominion and site become well-known, because your image and service also dependerá of your supplier hosting and its plans.
For this there are preparation a series of tips that him ayudará n to find as is the best companies of hosting.

To distinguish a Real company “of a Virtual one?

And but the first simple thing is to see if in the website the real address of the company is published. Otherwise, clearly we are before a virtual company that often can operate in the piece of an adolescent. The same of important they are the telephones that the supplier of hosting in its website publishes. Evidently without telephone, better nor to speak since when has problems do not have where to communicate.

The finished telephones in 00 (as 5540500) generally imply a company with a telephone plot, that is to say are several telephones in a company with but of a person.

Average of support: At least one company must offer telephone support and via mail. Better if it has services of chat Online (eye that these must work at least in office schedule).

Office: To request a meeting and to know the company finally are very trustworthy means to know that so serious it is a company. If it cannot do this requests the Rut of the company at least (with that it discards the people that offers the service in particular form).

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“Limitless? services

The servants are má quinas that by definition has limit in everything. Speed, memory, hard disks.
It distrusts mainly of the companies that offer limitless services, to very low prices.
Fix to you very well to these companies what is the transference limit that offer since they can offer limitless services in space but you only can deal 5 GB to the month.

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Uptime “99,99%?

Uptime is the percentage of time that is guaranteed that a servant estará operative in a period. It is impossible that a company can guarantee that a service is going to be 99,99% of the time, since not permitiria not even necessary lack ferocities or updates for the good operation of a servant.
It prefers the companies that certify their Uptime by an external being to them.

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Own or Rented Datacenter

The subject of the Datacenter is very important if what looks for it is excellence in the service.
If a company has its Datacenter in its facilities safe the resolution of any problem is very going to be rá it asks.
The Companies that sublease external spaces in Datacenter generally have a greater response time to physical problems of the servants.

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In this red one a direct relation between the price and the service exists generally post sale that we are going to receive. Generally the companies with but years in the market, own Datacenter and permanent support they are going to receive but expensive but surely you are going to receive a better service. It distrusts of the companies that receive very cheap and take just a short time in the market since you run the risk of which they disappear from one day to the next of the market.

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Servant in Foreign Chile v/s

He prefers companies with servants, the speed of connection of a servant v/s one abroad can be up to 50 times but rá he asks. The companies that “say? to have servants abroad only rent má quinas that never has seen and to which not even they have total access. By generating it they are Virtuales machines (VPS). It only agrees to have servants outside Chile in case your I publish objective is mainly outside Chile.

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Reputation of the company

The reputation of a company is very important. He reviews that the users in Internet say of the company.
A very good exercise is to go to the site and to look for the reclamations of your potential supplier of hosting.
The years in the market also speak very well of a company. Any company with but of 5 years is quite trustworthy and safe it has overcome several problems successfully.