3April 2015

Taken care of with the false job offers that they arrive at your email

As we know, the labor market moves quickly and, in form, daily we found labor supplies of senders unknown in our squares of email.

But…. It is necessary to be careful, because many of those post office are false and after them crackers hide, expert ciberdelincuentes in penetrating to the systems with lucrative or hostile aims.

It is probable that you have already seen them, but from now on in future the recommendation is not to make clicks in the email that in the subject say: “We needed personnel?, “avaiable Position?, “regional Manager?, “Works from house?, “unique Opportunity?…
The hackers also use post office with job offers false to impel their campaigns of “phishing?, consequently realise swindles or robberies of information.

That they do not make you fall in the trap and avoids to make click in those false job offers.