02September 2016

Android Nougat already is outside the beta

Sony has confirmed its next console, Playstation Neon, and is probable that the 7 of September formally introduce it in an event. The console manufacturer rumors himself that she has constructed a new thinner version of its present system, the PS4 slim, but she refuses to confirm that she exists.

Judging by some videos of unboxing, the greatest changes of the PS4 Slim are of two types: the elimination of the optical port, which allows that the new version of the control of Playstation to transfer data through USB cable to the system. Why he is so important this?
It is it because the signals take additional milliseconds to travel in the air through Bluetooth that what would be through a cable. If you think that those lost fractions of second could affect the yield in a multiplayer game online, this new control is for you.

Obvious, the Slim is thinner than its predecessor, who measures 264 xs 39 xs 288 mm in comparison with the one of the original PS4 of 275 xs 53 xs 305 mm, cutting around a third of its thickness and some centimeters of the sides. Among others changes, the USB ports that they give to the front have been moved to give space the peripheral ones, whereas a port covered with plastic at the rear allows a easy access to the HDD SATA. Also it has a hole threaded in a side that is probable that it connects to a dedicated support to vertically orient the PS4 without having to worry that the console can turn upside down.