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Than one decade supporting more the undertaking and new projects of all clients. It is a Chilean company with presence in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia. Created in 2001. It knows a clearly direction to the SME and projects of undertaking. It is the only Chilean company with presence in other countries, as Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, His services contemplate webhosting, servants VPS hosting for windows and Dedicados and Housing. Also it has an alliance with We reforest Patagonia and by each plan that a client contracts really obtains a tree to plant in the South end Su cheaper plan is the “Basic Hosting?, with a price of $39,900 annual + IVA, offering 1,5 GB total space of storage, 15 accounts of mail, 20 Gb monthly transference, 3 MySQL bases, 3 Car park, 200 post office x hour and weekly endorsement. And its more expensive plan the “Professional Hosting? that it has a price: $69.900 annual + IVA. This it offers 5 GB total space of storage, 60 accounts of mail, 60 Gb monthly transference, 10 Bases MySQL, 10 Car park, 300 daily, weekly and monthly post office per hour, endorsement. In addition all plans to hosting Incluye 1 tree to reforest in the PATAGONIA.

It has a data to center own and it offers a continuity of cheap dedicated server service with a Up Time of 99.98%, to the year, certificate by CentinelaWeb.
Environmental policies: By each new client we planted a tree in the Patagonia (Agreement with We reforest Patagonia).
We offer inscription of dominions in countries as Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia
Call Center of attention 24 hours to the day, every day.
The service of excellence that we offer, has allowed to tell us on the confidence of thousands of clients, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia and next in Colombia and Panama.

• In the support area it counts on a Department of Support, that gives to aid the 24 hours of the day, the seven days of the week.
• It has a Zone of Attention clients, which can be contacted telephone route (+562 24 110 350), through chat on line, or by means of the webpage.

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