31March 2015

The worse passwords in Internet than ever you must use

It can be for want of time, by laziness, even by ignorance, but still there are many users who extremely use basic keys in their computers, social telephones, post office, networks, digital profiles, to even enter to the Web of the bank.

The facility to remember is what causes that the users choose key basic, but is clear that they have not understood the risks which weak passwords face daily when using.

The SplashData company published a list with the worse passwords than a user can get to use.

The worse ones and more used are “123456?, “password?, “12345678?, “WiFi?, “qwerty?, “abc123?, “monkey?, “master?, “shadow?, “they superman? and “michael?. Later, they are the users who use the date of birth, anniversaries, the names of its pairs, children, mascots.

Unfortunately, to use keys of this type they are a red carpet that is offered to them to the hackers so that they can make you a very badly spend short while or an irreparable damage. So, if your present password is one of these or as basic one as these must change it to the brevity.!

How to create robust passwords a recommendation to create strong passwords is to use the KeePass application. In some minutes of adaptation, raisin of basic alphanumeric passwords to true keys of 40 or 50 characters. The good thing is that the system does the work and you are not forced to remember them. KeePass has versions for OS X and Linux. Also it is LastPass, that offers plugins for the majority of the navigators Web.

On the other hand, SplashData has an application of SpashID name, that offers functions similar to KeePass.