1April 2015

Why does my email appear in mail chains?

You have paid attention that with some frequency arrives a chain from post office at your square and one is asked, what makes my mail here. This is being transformed into something habitual and is the own user the one that collaborates so that this happens, since often one same one facilitates without realizing it.

It happens with the contact forms that they complete in the webpages, when it is entered to a public Web as a blog, when we wrote our email of contact in some card of inscription. In all these cases the one is the client that accepts the cession of the data to third parties. And that comes in the small letter.

The complex of this is that behind the hundreds of email that every day arrive our squares attacks and campaigns with the quelos hackers hide or “crakers? profits. One is a business more. For example a data base with a million valid email addresses can get to cost a million pesos.

This he is one of the businesses to which crakers are dedicated “, who look for the valued post office that they exist to incorporate it to a data base of valid directions that soon is sold.

The important thing

If you are in front of this type of post office, you do not answer them, you do not resend them and never you execute or unloadings the associate. It also tries to avoid to fill in attached forms or to click in a shortened URL.