16October 2016

Samsung cancels the production of the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung is ‚Äúinterrupted permanently‚Ä? the production of the Galaxy Note 7, informed the company in a brief official notice. The sales of the telephone standard were suspended yesterday because the replacements for the original model, continued causing to fires and explosions. Shortly after which it began to make interchanges, the up-to-date models were involved in several serious fires, even bringing about the evacuation of a flight of Southwest Airlines and a fire that it sent to a person from Kentucky to the hospital due to the smoke inhalation.

Samsung said that ‚Äúhaving the security of our clients as ours more high priority, we have decided to stop the sales and the production of the Galaxy Note 7‚Ä?. Nevertheless, one lay down from the beginning to lose retirement when trying to handle the situation internally, instead of requesting aid to the corresponding organization as Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Considering this, he is perhaps difficult consuming to think them that Samsung is worrying about its well-being. Most probable it is than Samsung knows that the name of the Galaxy Note 7 is stained by always due to these fires and explosions.

If you still have a Galaxy Note 7, she must extinguish it immediately. Samsung has announced that must stop using these telephones since they represent a danger. Until the moment they do not manage to detect that it is causing these explosions. The Galaxy Note 7 is dead.