29September 2016

Waze begins to compete with Uber

Google is offering its own service to share passages in San Francisco. The measurement would put to Google in direct and immediate competition with Uber. The new supply of Google put on approval in May, according to Wall Street Journal, and uses the Waze application, property of Google to connect the passengers for shared use of trips.

The plan is apparently to open this program to all the residents of San Francisco as of this autumn, with the view put in the expansion if it works well. And unlike Uber, this is more of a service of intermediation, that reunites to pilots with the drivers go in the same direction. The collections will be very low, the report says that Google will maintain the low collections intentionally.

The operative model of Waze to date has concentrated in the connection of the drivers through the navigational information in mass. The users inform into things as accidents, obstacles in the highways, storms and the cloggings of traffic, and these are available immediately for other drivers. Shortly after which Google acquired Waze in 2013, it began to use his data of navigation in mass in the application of Google Maps.

While this test originally limits passengers around 25,000 employees with headquarters in San Francisco of great technological companies, as Google, with a maximum of two strolls to the day, the new expansion will open the access to “any person with the Waze application?, according to the WSJ, as much in the side of the driver as in the one of passengers.

The model of drivers used as much by Uber and Google is different, but the last objective of both could be the same: the taxis without driver. Google says that it is whereas clause to include his vehicles without driver in a model to share sections, and the recent changes of the business unit suggest is thinking more about serious on the best way to take their vehicles without driver in the market.

At some time, Google and Uber had a very close relation, that an important investment of Google in Uber included, and an agreement that brought to Uber to the interior of the official application of Google Maps as an additional way of transport (the fourth option after way vehicle, way transports public and way pedestrian).

But lately this relation has changed. It has been said even that internally Uber is seriously looking for to separate completely of the dependency of products of Google, as Google Maps. What indicates that soon these two great ones could be direct competition.